Community-based interventions


This activity designed innovative psychosocial actions, creative IT tools, methodologies, good practices and digital material. This learning experience aimed to help seniors reduce their level of anxiety, minimize depressive episodes, reinforce social inclusion and active citizenship by acquiring better ICT skills. Most importantly, the project focused on supporting elders to be heard and not stigmatized or excluded from today’s societies.


The interventions were led by young volunteers/professionals in the field of youth (18-30 years old) in order to improve the living standards and well-being of the end-users (seniors 60+), which was worsened due to the lockdown and the uncertainty of the pandemic. Local Workshops were organized with seniors in Belgium and Bulgaria. In these workshops, 2 young volunteers per country, previously participated in the project’s training, supervised and led the entire process.


This activity raised awareness about the significance of well-being and active aging while minimizing the intergenerational gap.

Moreover, the training material used in the project could prove very useful in various contexts as it will facilitate a big amount of people working in relevant organizations and institutions.