The project titled “My e-Pal: Fostering digital volunteerism in the elderly’’ with acronym “E-pal” and agreement number 21PSA0026 / 2021-2-BE01-KA210-ADU-000051585 is an Erasmus+ Key Action 2 project, Partnerships for Cooperation – Small Scale partnership project.

The aim of E-pal project was to reinforce the digital skills of senior adults, through the provision of innovative digital educational tools and interventions, such as digital volunteerism, including also knowledge, skills, and resources from the scope of Adult education, experiential learning, application of digital tools and well-being techniques. In other words, the project aimed to meliorate the lives of elderly people, by assisting those using new technologies via a specifically designed holistic educational program, based on their needs and learning requirements.

Briefly, the project:

  1. Meliorated the professional skills and competencies of young volunteers.
  2. Improved the life standards and the well-being of the end-users (seniors 60+), which was worsened due to the lockdown and the uncertainty of the pandemic.
  3. Enhanced the senior learners’ digital soft skills.
  4. Raised awareness about the significance of well-being and active ageing.
  5. Upgraded the portfolios of education institutions, via the use of innovative digital training material that covered all aspects of life.
  6. Provided young people with the opportunity to become active in the community and engage with vulnerable and excluded groups.
  7. Minimized the intergenerational gap.